Work Space at Your Pace amidst a Supportive Community

In late 2015, Arjun and Ruchi returned to India after working over 10 years overseas, including the US and Singapore, to start their parallel ventures. They believed in their vision and felt India afforded the perfect place and time to start their own ventures. Arjun wanted to build a Fintech product.  He had a good workspace to work from, but lacked the ideal team to help him fructify his vision.  Ruchi wished to implement her idea in creative arts.  She had no problem in bringing together a good team, but couldn’t find a place they could work out of.  They figured there must be several such professionals who face one or both of these issues. And therein got planted the seed to resolve this issue for similar people who had a vision and entrepreneurial spirit, but needed help to get them started.  Arjun and Ruchi saw a hitherto relatively untapped opportunity and Cosphere was born!


Their vision was to build a holistic ecosystem of shared economy for professionals and their work. Translated, their mission became to offer people the space they needed according to their requirements in an atmosphere and setting that brought together professionals who could support, collaborate and work inter-dependently—a place to work and grow and build professional and personal relationships.   The model rests on the assumption and belief that there are several professionals who do not require to lease long-term office space or hire full-time employee to build linear business models. This is the way of the future.  Going forward, India’s economy will be dominated by non-linear business models, where more will be done by less, and both space and work will not necessary be directly proportional to revenue and businesses growth.


Cosphere’s focus is to help professionals realize the benefits of a shared economy and make their members future-ready by bringing them out of their conventional work cubicles, homes, or even cafeterias to spaces where collaboration, coalition and co-existence will provide great impetus to their productivity.  Cosphere offers a flexible workspace model to suit varied requirements.  Additionally, it seeks to enable space providers and landlords to monetize and capitalize on their unused space.


The offshoot and bonus of the model is that it also helps save professionals time by working in a spaces close to their homes.  This is a definite need, given the ever-increasing traffic and clogged roads leading to hours wasted on the road. It’s more than that.  Commuting less help fight air pollution, a key requirement that needs our unflinching support.

Cosphere is taking off and looks forward to serving you in the best possible way.

Wish us luck and become a part of our journey.  We certainly wish to be part of yours.

We will give you a space to grow,

Give us a chance and increase your show!



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